A cocoon of beauty, anyone?

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Happy new year to all! I love this season of meeting friends - old and new, and family! Even though these meetings and, often impromptu get-togethers are casual, I love to make them "special" in my own way. How? Well, as a self professed asthete, by making everything as pleasing to the (my) eye as possible! 

Designer Tabletop from Crazy Daisy

My go-to's often include our fabulous two tier stands (shown above), often teamed with unusual hand-painted plates (also shown above). In between a sprinkling of votive holders (LOVE candle-light!) adds a festive touch regardless of the size of the festivity! I do so love our "crowning glory" votive holders that you can see sitting on a dinner plate in the pic above. 

I love changing the plates on the stands to set a completely different mood - elegant white, gold rRambling Rose Two Tier Stand from Crazy Daisyimmed white, Mexican/Turkish patterns...lovely English roses - change the plate, and voila! You're on a completely different continent!  I also love scattering a handful of sparkly stuff on the table to add interest. This could be sequins, colored bits of glass, or even fragrant (though not sparkly) flower petals.  

How do you entertain? Share you tips with us, do! 





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