Blue and white and easy on the eye

Posted by J C on

I love, absolutely LOVE a blue and white palette - for the home, the table, clothing - you name it! Something very restful about it. So, when we recently moved, I decided to furnish the sunroom - the entry to our home, and a very lived in room, in blue and white! 

Mao on the sofa

While its still work in progress, here are some snaps of the room, which regularly hosts Mao, the Cat, and numerous kids and many tradesmen and the assorted business meeting, depending on the day! 

 Here's adorable Mao lounging on the comfy cushions...



Sunroom_in_blue_and_whiteThe room is coming together with relaxed muslin blinds in bright white, to retain the lovely light that enters the room. The wicker furniture goes with the indoor-outdoor feel of the room (and indeed the indoor - outdoor way in which it is used!). BUT - I thing its time for the furniture to get a coat of beautiful deep blue or emerald green paint. What do you think?


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