Customer Spotlight: Khanabadosh's Geetika

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Our customers are a talented lot with an eye for style! Here, Geetika, the creator of a most unusual concept, the travelling homestay, Khanabadosh, talks to us about everything from personal style tips to her favourite inheritance from her father.

 View from KhanabadoshSerene garden at Khanabadosh

I was inspired to launch Khanabadosh

Khanabadosh was officially launched in July last year.

It began decades ago when, as a child, I would be packed off to Srinagar to my great-grandparents home for the summer break every year. Each night, as a reward for finishing the dreaded ‘ Holiday Homework’ for the day, I was read to by my great-grandmother, Mama. She told stories from all over valour and friendship, love and spiritualism, wealth and magic, struggles and religions. With them, my young mind wandered the battlegrounds of Ancient India, sat by the mighty rivers of the East, shivered in the cold snow bound mountains of the North, danced in the magnificient temples of the South. I travelled through those stories, like a gypsy (a Khanabadosh), awestruck and falling in love with something new every evening!

What I really wanted to do, was to bring out that gypsy again, to make her travel to new lands, live in different homes, wake up to different sunrises…and tell those stories.

To do this, I chose Mashobra, in beautiful Himachal Pradesh as my first home. The endeavour will be for this home to absorb the local colours, aromas, tastes, stories and culture of HP and then move on in 3 years, to a new environment, a different place. Just like a gypsy. And this is how Khanabadosh, the travelling Homestay, came to be..  

The inspiration behind the name…

Khanabadosh literally means gypsy. This home has the spirit of a gypsy and travels every 3 years to a new place. I too didn't want to grow roots anywhere. So Khanabadosh really is ME!


I’d best describe my decorating style as…

A mishmash of Shabby chic, farmhouse, Bohemian and elegant. Colour plays a huge part in the way I style a space.

Beautiful color at Khanabadosh bnb with Crazy Daisy's Upcycled Cushions
Colorful upcycled cushions from Crazy Daisy in a cosy corner of the library


First decorating memory…

As a child, we moved a lot, thanks to my father being in the Army. I was always allowed to decorate my room myself. It was thrilling and it was a lot of fun! I remember once struggling to decide whether to put my bed next to the huge bay window, for the gorgeous views, or to put my study table there, for the abundant light! 


The top three decorating rules for Khanabadosh …

  1. lots of colour and texture. 2. The house and rooms are always in sync with its environment. 3. EVERY corner deserves flowers, even the washrooms!

My decorating style has been influenced by…

My travels across the globe and my own gorgeous country.


And my special spot in the house is…

The Library. It is the cosiest spot here, with comfy cushions, a reading chair and lamp, and close to 2500 books on a wide variety of subjects.
The library at Khanabadosh with Crazy Daisy cusions

Cosy and colorful library - Geetika's fav spot - at Khanabadosh


For me, a beautiful home is…

A comfortable space that screams YOU and your name the minute you enter it! Mine definitely is like that. It reflects different aspects of my personality in different corners. You can see the romantic, the artistic, the nomad, the eclectic, the sophisticated, the bookworm, the keen chef etc. This home, is totally me.

Snowed in at Khanabadosh

Snowed in at Khanabadosh this winter! 

Most sentimentally valuable piece in my home…

My fathers old cameras. I have a handful of them here at Khanabadosh. Some of my most favourite pictures came from these. 

antique cameras inherited from Geetikas father

Treasured cameras inherited from Geetika's father. 

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