Tablescapes with Roosters - behind the scenes...

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We went a bit crazy over our French Roosters this year.. 

French Rooster Food Cover at Crazy Daisy

above: French Rooster Food Cover

I rather fancy our Roosters - and am hoping to bag a few for my place, my tabletop! I had fun shooting the French Rooster Collection - using different elements to be the hero of my place settings.Here are some of the results. 

(BTW, why French? Well, our Rooster pays homage to the French Country look - the rooster motif is such an integral part of that. Did you know that the rooster is an unofficial symbol of France? )

The image above shows our darling Rooster Covers. They really set a distinctive table in a jiffy. I could see a sit-down table ready with one color food covers, or even a mix'n'match lot. 

HoldAll's (so called because they really can - hold the cutlery, hold the pens, the paintbrushes, hold the makeup brushes, and even, just for fun, hold the napkins at the table! I us crazy, but we love to experiment LOL )

French Rooster holdall at Crazy Daisy

above: French Rooster HoldAll 

I got a bit carried away at the shoot, and really loved the way the Holdall added the right amount of oomph to the table, holding individual napkins! Cute and crazy!  You could, of course, put a bunch of rolled napkins in this for a buffet. 

 French Rooster Votive holder

 above: French Rooster votive holder

I also liked how the French Rooster votive holder looked at a place setting (the votive is neatly tucked at the back). Fabulous for a dinner, no? 

French Rooster Collection by Crazy Daisy

above: French Rooster Collection

Just for fun, I tried out a more colorful, country setting...and loved it! What do you think? 


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